Strategic Services

Business Process Reengineering (BPR) is not “bothering people relentlessly” as described by one IT Professional in my network. It is not about cutting people, causing what I call “organizational Alzheimer’s”. And, it is not about sending work to foreign countries. It is about concentrating on core business functions and doing them well. If it is not “core” or if one can’t do it well enough, then BPR is about finding the right answer for the improvement opportunity. Only BPR gives improvement in orders of magnitude by focusing on doing the “right” things “right”.

Information Technology Architecture  (ITA) is the process of defining the IT services supplied to the business process. It is either done holistically as a painting or component-wise as Lego building blocks. Either way, it has to work correctly, and flawlessly.

Quality Improvement is based on your favorite Quality measure — Six Sigma, ISO9000, Total Quality Management, BS7799, Statistical Process Control, or Taguchi Methods. I’ve done them all. There’s no right answer. No silver bullet. The value comes from what you learn “doing” the process.

Our capabilities come from:

* BPR was learned from Hammer in Cambridge, applied it in many many situations, and will apply that to your situation.

* IT Architecture has been done in several methodologies. Updated AT&T Solutions’ Global Information Technology Planning (GITP) methodology with some key missing features. Updated Freddie Mac’s EDM and Agile methodologies

* Quality has been done in any of a number of methodologies. The lesson learned was it is not important what methodology you use, but that you do use one. Any one!

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