Subject Matter Expertise

Leadership / Management Expert is the understanding and action of “leading people and managing things”. Big difference in the two that seems to have been lost in the shift from “personnel” to “human resources”.

Information Security Expert having had sole responsibility for security in an investment bank, partial responsibility in another, and as a troubleshooter for a full Financial Services company.

IT Disaster Recovery Expert having had total responsibility for recovery in an investment bank, recovered a traditional datacenter in complete failure mode, wrote plans used in the first WTC disaster, and “discovered” timing in financial institution recovery.

Program / Project / Process Management Expert having managed countless projects, processes, and programs. There’s a certain ease in communicating a Gantt waterfall to executives, techies, and “real people”.

Other unique skills picked up in a long business career. Skills too numerous to itemize. But, from time to time, they come in strangely valuable (e.g., Six Sigma; Treasury Operations; College Technology; Sales Methodology; PC repair; Coding in a many different — often old — computer languages — FORTRAN, COBOL, C, C++, ALGOL, RUBY, etc. etc. etc.)

“A mile wide and a mile deep” in many many areas.

— 30 —