Tactical Services

The purpose is to demonstrate what works.

A Proof of Concept demonstrates that the theory is practical. Recommended before committing the organization to a course of action with a “below the waterline” impact. It can save the enterprise.

Pilots, like the first roll out of a branch office, the first department, the first of anything, require care and attention. They need to be strictly managed and reported. A pilot can save a project by finding the subtle shift, the nuance, or the critical fact needed to safely and successfully move from pilot to production.

Product Testing, when done right, can tell you all the things you need to know that the salesperson won’t tell you and their “sales engineer” isn’t allowed to. You need to do it, so you get the unbiased truth. Does it work to spec and will it do what I need it to do? You don’t get that from “sales”, “engineering”, or even your own staffs. YAG has no agenda.

Acceptances are critical. You need an impartial referee to force the “buyers” and “sellers” to a formal handoff, even within your own organization. Unfortunately when acceptances are done, often “politics” intrudes into the decision.

Usability and Suitability Testing is rarely done. Users, especially of IT “services”, often have to accommodate the quirks of the service as opposed to just using a valuable tool that fits the business need.

Our capabilities come from having done numerous POCs, Pilots, and test of all types and kinds, over diverse boundaries (e.g., regions, countries, communities, platforms, applications, networks) in different industries.

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