FIGURING: “Know Thyself!”

9/04/2013 @ 9:26AM 55,904 viewsNeed A Career Tuneup? Gallup’s Tom Rath Has A Quiz For You

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Are you a learner, an achiever or an includer? If you’ve seen those terms before, you’re probably one of the nine million people who has taken Gallup Inc.’s StrengthsFinder test. The workplace diagnostic quiz is a favorite at companies ranging from Facebook to Harley-Davidson. And it’s become a financial goldmine for Gallup, generating more than $100 million of revenue to date.

These are challenging times overall at Gallup, the opinion-research and business-consulting firm, as I explain in a major Forbes magazine story this month. But the company’s StrengthsFinder franchise keeps on humming. Prime evidence: the unstoppable appeal of “StrengthsFinder 2.0,” a book by Gallup executive Tom Rath. He book explains the test, offers some coaching and provides a security key that allows one reader per book to take the quiz online.

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2015-Feb-23 Strengths Insight Report

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Seems like a great idea for all those who are interested in understanding themselves.

“Know Thyself!” – ascribed to Socrates

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