LEAD_PPP: How to manage complexity?

How do you overcome complexity when leading resources that span across multiple continents?

Simplify! Keep things “small”! Establish firm boundaries — time, resources, and deliverables!

No HUGE projects that 99% done until they are not done at all. No excuse for “overruns”; violate the boundary and we need to go back to the drawing board.

Conduct proofs of concept, pilots and lots of testing, from end user testing to suitability testing.

Make the Users the arbiter of “success”!

When the tests yield positive results, roll out a project on a small scale, not enterprise-wide.

Provide overwhelming support so problems are quickly solved and don’t generate bad press.

Keep the lines of communication open and ensure processes remain within the limits of time frames, budget money, function points, requirements and sign-offs.

Whether it s a Program, Project, or Process, they are all served well by this approach.

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