I am very proud of my Bachelor’s degree from Manhattan College in Electrical and Electronic Engineering. Pay no attention to the rumors that I was not the greatest student. Those are just lies and propaganda spread by my detractors. I achieved it while working full-time, dating full-time, partying full-time, and playing cards full-time. I went on to a career in Information Technology with big companies because in those days only those big companies could afford “computers”. Those big companies needed to operate, program, and use those “big boxes”. Electronic Engineers, in addition to understanding the value of computers, could program them. It was like an occult art in those days. Heck, most people couldn’t spell hexadecimal. And us “injineers” couldn’t spell anything that wasn’t hex. Luckily due to the high costs, the companies paid very well for the expertise and gave us a track to the “top”. Otherwise, I’d have been a “brain surgeon” somewhere (i.e., like the poor souls seen on some quiz shows; very smart, menial job, never having found their niche in life). There but for the Grace of the Intelligent Designer go I.

I also have an MBA in Management, and MS Comp Science from FDU with remarkably better grades. After all I was only working ONE full time job, having married my soul mate Frau Reinke. This eliminated the need for dating, partying, and cards. It was like dropping three full time jobs. At least, that’s what she told me. According to her, there was no further need for those time wasting activities, that took me away from earning money. Lot’s of money! I do take editorial note of all the people playing poker for millions today; so maybe I could have been a contender.

I fancy myself as life long learner, every year undertaking — often at my own expense — one business and one technology educational activity. The inveterate tinker I run a garage datacenter, including 802.11 wireless, and several Linux boxes (i.e., old junk that no one wants and can’t envision doing anything useful). I do offer services to others interested in R&D, or other such topics.

Recognizing that I’ve either been very lucky, or have a very good wife to motivate me (She tells me that often; so it must be true!), I try to help others as I’ve been helped. Hence, my interest in: “social networking”, career management / job search, and productivity. Since I’m a Type A, frenetic, and always seem to be “in transition” or in danger of transition, I try to help “my fellow turkeys” because I learn from “helping”. So if I can be of some assistance, please ask. While I know I can be brusque, rude, and abrasive, I’m just trying to “help”. You may not like my kind of “help”, but, trust me, I think you need it. See, unlike me, you’re not perfect. 🙂 Also, remember I am an “ITSJ”, so you have to start the conversation.