QUALITY: 2014 Return problems predicted 2015 Turbo Tz problems



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TurboTaxChristine , ManagerModerator 6 days ago
I can understand the though of your account being compromised is deeply concerning. Safeguarding your information is very serious for TurboTax.

The tax preparation industry, including Intuit, is actively engaged with IRS to fight fraud. We are deeply concerned about any instance where identity thieves steal names and social security numbers outside of the tax filing process and then use tax software to file fraudulent tax returns.

We have a proactive fraud risk management process in place to prevent, detect and respond to suspicious and fraudulent activity. We apply rigorous practices to detect, investigate and respond to fraudulent activity, and collaborate with others in government and the financial services industries to continuously improve our fraud controls.

Unfortunately, identity thieves steal names and other personal information outside of TurboTax and share them in the black market of information. A common way thieves obtain personal information is through the use of Phishing Sites. When you suspect you are being phished :

1. Do not click on a link in a suspicious email, but rather go to the company site and view the information. Even if a suspicious email is not requesting personal information, it may contain viruses that can retrieve personal information off of a computer.

2. Report any suspicious emails to the institution they are claiming to be. If you have any suspicious TurboTax emails, you may send them to TTaxInvestigations@intuit.com, and we can confirm for you.

3. Be wary of any email requesting personal information or offers that appear to be too good to be true, especially in social networking environments.

If you believe you or a family member is already a victim of identity theft, you will want to check out the resources we have pooled together for you at the below link. While they are more specifically designed around tax-related identity theft the core principles within are a good guideline for you to follow: http://turbotax.intuit.com/support/go/GEN86887

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Interesting that the same problems reoccured a year later.

This seems to indicate that their “Quality Improvement” program is lacking to say the least.

It’s interesting that of the complaints posted, the fraudulent return is point to an American Express Bank.

Guess they need some quality help too.


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