SMENET: How does the IT pro think about the next internet


Should we favor “net neutrality”? 

And the challenges of the next internet.

Richard Bennett, a visiting fellow of the American Enterprise Institute, is an expert on Internet technology and public policy. He co-invented Ethernet over Twisted Pair, the Wi-Fi MAC protocol, and miscellaneous network enhancements such as the MPDU Aggregation system for 802.11n, the Distributed Reservation Protocol for UWB, and various tweaks and hacks to the Internet and OSI protocols.

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The Governments of the world seek to throttle and control the internet for their own purposes.

In actuality, the consumer controls the levers of control. What will they pay for and what will they not pay for are the puppet’s strings.

He reinforces that change is unavoidable. Better to plan for it and “surf the wave”. Rather than be sunk by it.

Email really needs encryption. 

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